January 27, 2020

May 21, 2018

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A New Year brings New Hope.

February 14, 2018

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New Year, Renewed Hope

January 27, 2020

And so we bring in the New Year of 2020, and things in Zimbabwe are tougher than ever. Our natural resources are a closed barter between politicians and new immigrants and “investors.” Our doctors have had to go on strike to get a livable salary, and our hospitals have depressing few medicines to administer to patients. Children are removed from schools, homes sold and blame is directed wrongly. Costs soar just as salaries are in melt down.

Mutare SPCA Inspectors seem to be rushing from case to case, and it’s difficult to get any conclusions if we go to court to fight cruelty. Our predecessors were able to embody into Zimbabwean law great legislation's, but the current legal process has ways and means to defeat us. We are a “chin up” society, but I must say that at times we feel jaded. But GG don’t give up on us now. Having this fund to resort to is the most incredible source of encouragement.


Struggling economy leads to surrendering of pets

My report this month is much the same. We have great plans to help the poor. We are to hold a rural outreach to neuter and treat dogs, and we are ready to go, but our team is a little thin on the ground, as the state of the economy hits home.

We are not of the mentality to confiscate pets, but rather to educate and co-operate. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, we are elated. Recently, an older gentleman surrendered his lovely dog to us. She came in with a collar of pink hearts, and a happy disposition. Why did he bring her? Our town council has put up the costs to license beyond the reach of the regular household. To be fair, our currency has devalued by 23 times in the last 2 years. Salaries have not kept up as businesses flounder, and crash. So she becomes our problem, as many people can’t afford the wonderful prospect of owning a pet. Thanks to you and people like you, we were able to get her neutered, one of our volunteers paid for her licence, and we returned her to her home.


Previously surrounded dog due to the crisis of the economy is reunited with her human family.

If you had seen the happiness in her and the child who welcomed her back, well, suffice to say, we were all in tears.


We have found a few lovely homes for both cats and dogs, but it’s a heartache for us, for the ones left behind. This pic is of little Copper meeting his new mum.


Our community is just the best, and this year the small school over the Christmas Pass in the nearby village of Penhalonga, put on a most entertaining play, proceeds coming to the Mutare SPCA.

School fundraiser for us


Happy, uplifting story

While the news from us could have been better, I thought I would include, in an effort to keep a positive spirit for the new year, an article taken from the blog of our founder member Jill Wylie. The volunteers took a cake and held a tea party for our stalwart former committee at the old age home. Remember that Mr Noel Usore, who is still with us part time, has been with the SPCA in Mutare for 47 years, so they were all delighted to be re-united. I hope you enjoy it... as such is the quality of the precious people who made it all happen.