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About the SPCA

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing the abuse of animals.  


We do not receive any Government or Municipal funding and rely heavily on donations from the general public, corporate organisations and legacies.  We are not associate with other international organisations that have a similar name.  We cover the whole Eastern part of Zimbabwe, known as Manicaland and do not just deal with domestic animals but with livestock too.  The day to day running is managed by a few staff and volunteers from animal husbandry, veterinary care, rescue missions, adoptions, donations and general maintenance. 

We have full faith we will succeed.


We have been around since the 1930’s, initially more for the protection of farm livestock but now work in addition with domestic pets and wildlife. For 85 years the Mutare SPCA has been protecting the animals of this community. The property we have occupied since 1968 belongs to the City of Mutare, whom we work closely with. Over the years the SPCA has built 40 brick under asbestos kennels, all of which open into fenced lawned runs. We have 12 large, full height cat cages, all open to the outside cattery ‘play-ground’. We have 5 partitioned dog runs, and a livestock and poultry section, as well as a quarantine area. We have an admin block with an office and a kitchen, and a small public reception area.  Our service building has a food preparation kitchen and a laundry cum storeroom. We have a dog dip open every day to the public, and a public parking area for access to the dip. We also have a small clinic.

We have 3 paid permanent members of staff, one being our qualified Inspector, Mr Usore, and he has been with us for 40 years. We are supported by 8 active volunteers, who help with organizing our activities and programmes.  What no one could have predicted is the complete collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy, which in turn prevents us from being able to continue to fund raise effectively from our willing but beleaguered community. The currency structure has collapsed, and it is hard to believe the current state of affairs. What is very much in our favour is that Zimbabwe has legally entrenched strong laws against animal cruelty, being our Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (Chapter19:09) and Parks and Wildlife Act (Chapter 20:14). We are currently the ONLY animal welfare organisation in Manicaland trying to uphold and police these laws.

But giving up is simply not an option. With every little bit of help we hope to get we will be doing everything we can to survive the difficult times we are going through.

So when you ask why we feel that we will succeed, it is because we have the determination, the heart and the commitment to the animals of Mutare.

Our Mission Statement:


  • To prevent cruelty and the ill treatment of all animals and birds and to offer them protection and promote health and awareness of their needs. 

  • To educate the community with regard to the humane treatment of animals and teach them how to care for them.​

The Five Freedoms — Kodzera Shanu 


Mhuka dzose dzine kodzero dzekugara dzakasununguka:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst - Kodzero yekuwana kudya nekuwana mvura yekunwa - Dzinofanirwa kuwana kudya kwakanaka, uye kwakakwana, pamwe nekuwana mvura yekunwa yakachena nguva dzose.

2. Freedom from discomfort - Kodzero kubva munezvakashata - dzinofanirwa kuwana pekurara nepekugara pakanaka.

3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease - Kusununguka kubva ku marwadzo, kukuvara kana zvirwere - Munofanirwa kuva nechokwadi kuti padzinogara hapana zvinhu zvinokuvadza, vakaita seizvi: magirazi, waya yeminzwa, kana mhuka ichiratidza kuti iri kurwara munofanirwa kunoirapisa kuna chiremba we mhuka, kana kumushevedza kuti auye kuzoona, zvimwe chetezvo kana maona kuti inoda kubaiwa jekiseni rechimbwa mupengo.

4. Freedom to express normal behaviour - Kodzero yekuona kamugariro - Kudzichengetedza dzakasununguka, dzisinga tsikirirane, uye nemhando dzadzo.

5. Freedom from fear and distress - kodzero kubva mukutyisidzirwa nemukushungurudzwa—kuve nechokwadi kuti mhuka dzakagara zvakanaka, dzisinga shungurudzike.

Download flyer here.

Our Team
Can you help fund our endless work?

We will always need monetary help to continue our work.  We put our heart into our work but at times we need the finances to feed, medicate, rescue and help improve the lives who have no one else to help.

Can you give an animal a forever home?

We have a selection of animals looking for their forever homes from dogs, cats, goats, rabbits and much more. 

Need to rehome an animal? Found an animal?

Do you need to surrender an animal?

Witnessed neglect and abuse?

Found an animal in distress or stray?

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