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Relay Walk
Start: 30/7/2023
End: 07/08/2023
Solo Walk/Run
Start: 24/07/23
End: 07/08/2023
Start: 04/08/2023
End: 07/08/2023
Start: 01/08/2023
End: 07/08/2023
Quad Bike
Please enquire
End: 07/08/2023

The sponsorship that YOU, the participants, raise helps the SPCAs of Zimbabwe survive. 

We are SO grateful,  BUT we also know you are going to love this event. See you this year at sunset in the Save riverbed! 


Raise $600:Earn your Gold Medal.  

$400, and take the Silver. 

$200 to get a Bronze. 

PLEASE NOTE: All funds raised doing this event must go to the Blue Cross, and participants may not, under any circumstances, divert funds to other charities. 


To take part in an AMAZING 500km remote endurance event like no other,  for a cause like no other, in order to raise money for the continued survival of all the branches of the SPCA throughout Zimbabwe. (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  The original Blue Cross was a solo event, but it has evolved into a 

multi-disciplined event, that will appeal to everyone who loves animals, a physical challenge and off road adventure.

"Qui Curat Vincit"   Who CARES wins.


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