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Wish List


The following items are on our wishlist and are in no particular order of preference. This is a reference list for people who would like to contribute somehow but are not sure how to do this: 

  • Hosepipe – important for daily cleaning of kennels 

  • Wheelie bins – the big bins are useful for storing the animal food and the wheels are beneficial in moving it around from the storage are to the cooking area 

  • Dog toys 

  • Cat toys 

  • Plastic paddling pools – for the water friendly dogs to luxuriate in whilst it is hot 

  • Cat baskets – we like to tie these up so the cats have somewhere to retreat to when they are tired of us! 

  • Fly spray – to stop them munching on the dogs ears 

  • Fly traps – or just the bait to put in them 

  • Dip – for us and for the people that rely on us as their place to dip their dogs 

  • Wound spray or Exit – many animals come to us with wounds 

  • Dog and Cat blankets – we prefer fleece as this is what our washing machine can handle! 

  • Dog baskets – and pallets to put them on so they do not have to be on the cold floor 

  • Washing powder – to wash the blankets 

  • Jik – for sanitizing and stopping the spread of animals disease 

  • Dog and Cat bowls 

  • Wood for the wood stove, and paper to start the stove 

  • Animal food – you name it, cats, dogs, chickens, goats! 

  • Photocopying – there are forms that always need to be filled 

  • Fuel and oil for our aged vehicle 

  • And don’t forget our amazing staff whom we would be lost without – tea items are always greatly appreciated 


Services we would appreciate.  The following are people we are often looking for to fix certain problems:

  • Washing machine mechanic 

  • Vehicle mechanic 

  • Plumber 

  • Welder – many of the dog and cat doors are old and rusted and need some TLC – as well as our gate 

  • Gardeners or people with green fingers! To help make the outdoor cattery a haven for the cats 

  • People, people and more people – to play with cats or walk dogs, to assist in fundraising events or educational outreaches. 

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