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Adopt an Animal

Our Dogs 
Dog waiting for his new home
Our other animals
Petal the pig in her new home
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Black cat waiting for a home
Adoption Policy:

Thank you for considering to adopt one of our animals who so desperately need a second chance with a loving, forever home.  Adoption charges are below.

Once you have visited us and you have chosen your animal, a home check will need to be conducted.  This is to ensure that the animal is being placed in a good home.  Checks will include the following:

  • Is the owner of the animal 18 years old or older?

  • Is your home/ yard fenced

  • Will the animal be sleeping inside or outside?  If outside, will the animal have adequate shelter and bedding and clean, fresh water available at ALL times.

  • What and how often will you be feeding the animal?

  • Are there any other animals in your property and if so, a supervised introduction will need to be undertaken.

  • Do all members of the household know how to treat an animal well?

  • If you are going away for a few days, is there someone who can feed and look after your animal for you?  Visit our Boarding Page for more information.

Once you have passed the home check, we will need to you sign an Adoption Agreement.  The agreement will state that

  • you are over 18 years old

  • you will not give the dog away

  • if you are no longer able to care for the dog, you will return it to the SPCA

  • you will give the animal a fair chance to adapt to its new home

  • you will care for the animal to our satisfaction

  • you understand your local by-laws (eg in Mutare, only 2 dogs are allowed per property unless special permission has been applied for and granted by the Mutare City Council.)

  • you will not chain the animal (if animal is found chained, it will be removed from your care immediately)

  • you can afford a vet when necessary

  • you will ensure that jabs are up to date – especially rabies (every year)

  • you will have the animal sterilised (in the case of juveniles, sterilisation MUST take place around 6 months of age)

  • you will not let the animal roam the streets

  • you will notify us immediately if the animal dies or goes missing

  • you will not use or allow the animal to be used as a watchdog at any industrial or commercial premises.  (If found to be so, animal will be removed immediately.)

  • you will not use the animal for hunting purposes

  • if you change your address, you will notify us within 7 days by email or phone or whatsapp.

Please understand that the animals in our care have mostly come from harsh places – on the street or previously being abused.  It is our job to make sure that they get a second chance at a good life and don’t end up in the situation they were before.  That is why our adoption policies may seem very strict.

Remember that animals are sentient beings.  This means that they feel love, they feel pain, they feel hunger and thirst.  They can only thrive if they are being cared for.  And once all these needs are met, there is nothing in this world like an animal’s love for its human!

We hope you get to experience the joy of owning a pet, it is quite extraordinary.

How much are adoptions?

Please contact us for pricing. 

Animal adoption costs include:  




RABIES INNOCULATION                                                          




RABIES INNOCULATION                  









LARGE GOAT                                     

KID GOAT                                          


TRANSPORT is offered and charged PER KILOMETRE         

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