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What it Costs

US$1 - 1pkt cat food

US$12 Cat biscuits/mth

US$16 - Kitten Milk/mth

US$114 - Feeds all the dogs for a month

How to Donate


Click on the box above, sign up with World Remit, enter the EcoCash details below and send your donation.

Please bear in mind that it is not easy to send money to Zimbabwe so this is the only online way albeit tedious.  



1.  Sending to:  Zimbabwe

2. Select - Mobile money transfer

3. Select the amount

Register - it remembers your recipient when you return to make donations easier the next time. 

4. Recipients first name - Mutare

5. Recipients last name - SPCA

6. EcoCash number - 778273805 

7. Recipients number - 778273805

8. Sending reason - Family or friend support

9. Enter your details.- it remembers them for the next time

Thank you for your time and patience and for the donation.






Details required: 

1.  Sign up with the Mukuru link above.

2. Recipient: Mutare SPCA Fundraiser

                  B J Clegg

3. Phone: 0784213628

4. ID: 452 480P00

5. Email:






EcoCash when in Zimbabwe:

*ECOCASH Instructions:

1.  Dial *151# to access ecocash menu

2. Select Option 1: ‘Send Money’

3. Select Option 1. ‘Send to registered customer'

4. ‘Enter subscriber number’ - 0778273805

5.  Enter amount’ and confirm.

If you are asked to enter an Account #, enter your name or your company's name.

Thank you for your support!


Please be aware that ECONET said they could not issue a line under SPCA's name - all lines must be registered in a personal name, however we have been able to open a Merchant account with Econet in SPCA's name to funnel any donations through this dedicated line to our NMB account (as above). The line is in the name of Judith Evans and Mr George Lock a Mutare lawyer will vouch for SPCA - Mutare on this. 

As requested previously if you do donate please email and we will personally acknowledge each donation. We are so very grateful for your support at this time.

Bank Deposit:

Zimbabwe Bank Account


BANK                            - NMB

Account Name             - SPCA MUTARE

Account Number          - 0000290060893

Bank Branch                 - MUTARE

Branch Address            - 64 Corner Second and Aerodrome Street, Mutare, Zimbabwe

Account Currency        - USD

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