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Meet the Team

The Team:

Obest Piano
Since 1986

He is one of our permanent members of staff and cleans the kennels every single day! He used to work for Mrs Rose and when they went on holiday, they used to ask Obest to help out at the SPCA.

Obest started as a full-time employee at the SPCA in 1986 doing all sorts of things – working in the garden, washing the kennels and once he got his driver’s licence, he helped with all of the driving chores required. He also helped out at the hospital, driving the SPCA ambulance. Obest has also done some Inspector training.

When Obest was working for Mrs Rose, she had an English Bulldog and up until now, that is still his favourite dog. Working with the dogs is the best part about working at the SPCA for this staff member!

Obest likes all aspects about working at the SPCA and says that people come to the SPCA and see the healthy dogs here and want one. But the trouble is that they don’t know how to look after them and feed them and don’t give them blankets or water.  

People must look after their dogs and if they get lost, you must report to us or the Manica Post. Some people might think their dog is stolen and give up looking, but you must come to the SPCA and see if your dog is here. Obest doesn’t like animals suffering and so he doesn’t mind helping with the PTS (putting to sleep) of the animals because they are no longer suffering.

Please if you see a lost dog, or your dog is missing, you must report it to us. And if you see someone beating a dog, you must report it to us. This will make a big difference to our animals. If you need advice on how to look after your animals, please come and see us or phone. If your dog is sick – please take it to the vet for treatment, it is not fair to the dog to just dump it here and run off.

If you’d like to help the SPCA, Obest would love to see school-going volunteers coming in during holiday time to help feed the animals. Also, taking the dogs for daily walks will help them such a lot and give them a good quality of life. Also, this will help them to become more familiar with humans and make them more calm and even more friendly. Also, please could you give blankets and food.

Finally, Obest would like to thank the Committee and those shops and businesses who help us – he is very grateful!

Since 2000.

He is a superb Office Assistant and does a lot of hands on work. He helps to clean up after the cats and dogs, feeds the cats and dogs, washes blankets, answers the phone, attends to people coming in, fills out forms required, shows people around and organises what has to be organised.
Answer loves to work with animals – he’s passionate about them. He used to be a gardener and his employers had 5 dogs which he used to look after. He would play with them and look after them well. So he thinks that since his employer used to work at the SPCA, he was recommended for the job!

Some changes which Answer would like to see in order to improve animal welfare in Zimbabwe is mainly a spay and neuter program. He would love to see everyone spaying and neutering their animals because then there would be fewer animals wondering around with no home. Also, a breeder’s licence is really important – if people let their dogs have puppies, they tend to give to their friends who don’t look after the animal.
Answer would like to encourage people to try to come to the SPCA for any advice – we will be able to help. If your animal is missing, if you don’t want your animal anymore – please bring it to the SPCA and don’t leave it somewhere to fend for itself.
Answer is married with 4 children.

William Newengo

Since January 2017


Our main inspector who we are grateful to be in our lives!
William was born in 1968 in Mutasa district. He is father of four - three girls and one boy, ranging in age between 13 and two. William's family is a happy one.

A part-time dog trainer and if you'd like to contact him directly for help with training your dog, his number is: +263 7 73766919. William has been involved with the Mutare SPCA when he was approached by the committe to train an adopted dog, namely Jax, in basic obedience. 

He loves working with animals and says the hardest part of being involved with the SPCA is convincing people that animals should be treated humanely. William says it's very interesting and funny working with animals, and educational. 

William believes that if everyone treats every animal humanely, it will promote animal welfare in Zimbabwe and decrease of cruelty.

Noel Usore

+40 years


Noel has worked for the SPCA for over 40 years and took retirement. He still helps us on a part time basis as we would be lost without him. 

The Committee:

Chair - Lynne James

Treasurer - Jill Rickard

Jenny Horsefield and Jane Clegg who supervise health issues, constantly fundraise, cover publicity/social media and our most important animals love and attention. . 

Regular volunteers:
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