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Update on Red and her Pup

If anyone remembers how the Mutare SPCA felt so strongly about saving The Red Mum (Saffron), this one is for you....

The beautiful red dog who traumatically delivered her pups on arrival, and where 2 volunteers drove 11 hours across the country to deliver her and her surviving pup (Bear), to the banks of the Limpopo River, at Sentinel Limpopo Eco Safaris,

Recently the same volunteers and some friends repeated journey, to rekindle friendships and to have closure with the two dogs they loved so much.

The sun was just retiring behind the reddened low ranges of wind-textured fossilized sand dune hills, as we drew into the parking. We could not see the expected lodge, so integral to the rocks it is. Two Black eagles swooped above us, just as the alarmed Francolins and Dassies screeched blue murder back at them. Somehow, although the rooms are hidden from view, they all have a view out over the thorny plains to the riverbed.

There is something very exciting about exploring this beautiful spot in Zimbabwe. Complex sculpted landscapes, big game, little gems like Barking geckos, a major African river that captured the imagination of Rudyard Kipling himself, dinosaurs.....(YES dinosaur fossils), truly interesting plants and birdlife, it must go on everyones' wishlist.....surely.

The dogs, now Saffron and Bear, arrived at our lodge in style on the safari vehicle, (she with her elegance, he with none of it) and they came bounding in. The best moment for us was when they gave us a cursory inspection, and not a moment more interest.

They were happy, they were home, they were loved. These things are free. And this is all we ever ask for......

Please consider coming to see our precious dogs and cats, and give them these freedoms. A home, food and safety is worth a kings ransom to them.

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