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Paws for a challenge of your life...

  • Form a relay team

  • Form a team

  • Achieve a personal goal

Run it - Cycle it - Walk it - Horse ride it

Whatever it may be, you will be doing it for animals who need us now more than ever.

Start at your own pace and plan to summit together on the 15th August 2017.

This event is not a race but upon completion, awards are given, not on placement, but on the amount of money raised

The Medals

Full Blue/Brown Cross

$200 is the Minimum Sponsorship

Mini Blue/Brown Cross $100 Minimum Sponsorship

There will be an Awards Lunch at Rhodes Nyanga Hotel on the 15th August.

To register, click here.

This will be an amazing day to unite, feel the spirit of the community come together to share a memorable experience in aid of the animals who rely on us. Get your friends and family and come along. Form a relay team or complete it for your own personal goals but most importantly, participate...You can do it!!

Supporters along the way are encouraged as, who wouldn't want someone to encourage you along!? It will be a great day out in the stunning wilderness of Zimbabwe and ending in the gorgeous Nyanga with great scenery and fresh air.

We look forward to seeing you there and thank you ever so much for the support. The animals need you desperately at these trying times.

Thank you.

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