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Sometimes you just get lucky!

In days where it is hard to home pets, we have to tell you the story of Ebony. Ebony arrived at the SPCA, almost a kitten herself, and promptly produced two tiny Ginger kittens, one fluffy and

exquisite, and one rather ugly, short haired runty little brother.

Mum cat (as yet unnamed) gave it her all. She protected the two babes, kept them clean and very well fed, almost to her own detriment. Some SPCA angels helped us with donations of milk when we appealed. THANK YOU, as this helped her enormously, but that dried up, and we did the best we could. MumCat got thinner and thinner as the Gingers-Squared got fatter and more lively. The pretty boy needed only his mothers attention, and glared at anyone who came into the pen, but Skinny Boy decided life was far more exciting on the other side of the fence, and it was a full time job to keep an eye on him.

Finally, we found a home for MumCat and ONE KITTEN! Which baby to choose? A dilemma. The beautiful boy who was so bonded to mum, or the big, brave character who was going to find a forever-friend even if it meant daily escaping to make sure he was noticed.

Believe it or not, we found a new owner, who has adopted the whole family! MumCat is now Ebony, because of her unusual colouring, AND the Bold and the Beautiful, who are now (you guessed it) Tiger and Marmalade. They have inspected their surroundings, declared them acceptable (with the exception of the Bantam Cockerel who chases the kittens), and all have put on weight.

Please consider adopting and helping a rescue pet like this loving family did.

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