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Petal the Pig finds a home...

'Some Pig'! Please enjoy the pictures as they say it all. Petal was dying when we arrived at a commercial piggery where we rescued her and some of her siblings. She was hypothermic and the vet was not hopeful. We said "Leave her to us," all the while knowing it was touch and go. But Petal pulled through. She's tenacious and has a strong SPCA Team behind her. Currently in Zimbabwe we have many cruelty cases involving both commercial and rural animals, as well as draught animals, being donkeys and oxen. Life is not easy here, and this seems to reflect directly in the lack of care and compassion for animals so obvioulsy in distress. With YOUR help we can be out there 'picking up the Petals'. It is our mandate and our hearftelt mission. Please, if you can donate, we can act. It's that simple. Thank you.

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