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Not out of the woods yet...

Lynne James and I started a Global Fundraising Initiative to try to keep the Mutare SPCA going; it’s such a vital part of the city and its community. The forum we chose was Global Giving (GG), which you can google. We had no experience, and we were happy when they did their homework to make sure that we were genuine, honest, apolitical and committed. Turns out, it has been great.

It has not been easy, and we have had only moderate success. So far we have raised enough to keep going another 2 to 3 months, but with no outreach projects. You know the stiff-upper-lipped heritage we have, too proud to ask for anything..... But we ARE proud of the outcome. We did not shape up financially as well as we may have, and certainly we failed if you compare us to the frontrunners at GG March onwards, but we did very well in one respect: We were always very, very high in the ranking of how many donors (no doubt many of them, but not all, ex-Zimbabweans) had sent us a gift. So perhaps that reflected that while our donor community may not be the wealthiest, (some projects got hundreds of thousands), they are certainly among the most caring. For this, we acknowledge our donations were doubly precious.

What have we been involved in recently...? Lynne and I have been in two separate court cases.

1. The cattle cruelty case in Rusape.

2. The case where a dog was brutally killed with a spade....what a tragic death, when a phone call would have called us to the location to remove the dog. Tragic.

And you can’t say we don’t move heaven and earth to find a forever home for our animals. Red Dog and her patchwork pup will be soon delivered to Masvingo from Mutare, almost 300kms away, paid for by SPCA volunteers. From there they go to a home near Beit Bridge. SO...if you thought you might send us a donation, but didn’t for some reason, please remember, we could still do with the help. We could shut our doors. We could.....but we will do whatever we can not to.

Please, these are just a few small cases but we are in need for funds to raise our voice for the voiceless. We are in a country where animal welfare is not at the forefront and the animals need us. We need to secure funding to afford our work to continue, to educate, save, offer help and secure lovely homes for all.

Please share, encourage and engage. Arrange fundraisers wherever you are in the world and help us out. Now that there is a way to transfer funds.

Thank you.


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