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The Mutare SPCA was tipped off that we should pay a call to the Showgrounds. It would appear that, since the last agricultural show, the judging pens were being used as a full time piggery. The pens are small and there are no troughs to keep food and water clean.

When we got there, (our second visit, after our first visit was to provide advice and a warning to

improve), the situation was shocking. The sties were cramped with too many pigs per unit. Food

was cast onto the floor and the slop on the floor covered in flies.

Some pens had no water. It was obvious that some pigs were actually in big trouble, ill, malnourished to starving, and one piglet was flat, almost dead.

We carried the worst-off pigs one by one and squealing in distress to the SPCA van. We had to leave many that were in a dreadful state. One little piglet was beyond caring, and looked almost dead. She had a terrible skin condition, was skeletal thin, icy cold, and she couldn’t care that she was being separated from her siblings.

Lynne, a volunteer, took her home, while Noel and I removed the others to the SPCA. She was given a warm bath, a thorough drying and her first decent meal in a long time.

It is not known how long she was being trodden on by her pen-mates. The home dogs found her intriguing as she cuddled into the blankets in the dogs’ basket.

Lynne nursed little PETAL back to health and happiness. Her skin lesion finally abated, and she found comfort and confidence.

Petal was and is very loved, but she needed more freedom than she was getting in a home, living life bonding with the dogs. She gained enough weight, finally and her skin improved. We managed to home her at La Rochelle Hotel petting area, where she was teamed up with a loving Goat, Shirley and a gentle Sheep, Chops. We will soon be re-homing the threesome away from the Hotel, sadly. If you have some space to spare, please will you come and meet the wonderful Petal and her Roomies!

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