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A phone call alerted us to an injured dog, most likely having been run over. Noel, our Inspector, went out to find her, and bring her to the kennels. Although she was not badly injured, she was dreadfully emaciated. She needed us badly, as it became clear she was close to delivering puppies. Well, they came, and came and came again, 12 times. She was such a wonderful mother, attending each one with love, but sadly not all survived. Nonetheless, she was admirable, and we easily loved her.

She has given all her health to her pups, who are fat and cuddly, and of the Rainbow Nation gene pool. VERY special!

We believe Red Mum is a ridgeback with perhaps a little retriever added. Whatever she is, she is a fantastic girl, and certainly never should have been intended to live a feral life. She has beautiful manners, is gentle and loving, responsible and calm. The perfect pet.

We are really hoping a wonderful loving home will be found for this precious Red Mum, and the chubby pups she has delivered. Wouldn’t chance be a fine thing if someone would choose her and one pup to go together?

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